First Meeting 14th – 16th November in Cáceres (Spain)


SS21DTIP first Transnational Project Meeting was held in Cáceres (Spain) from 14th-16th November 2018. It focused on agreeing on both the way to develop intellectual outputs 1 and 2 and the documents and procedures to be used throughout the project for its implementation and management. In particular, the terms of the contracts to be signed by each of the partners with the applicant institution were agreed, as well as templates for collecting data to develop Outputs 1 and 2. Also, the outline for the Project web page, the quality management plan and the logo of SS21DTIP were shared with all the partners.

Special attention was paid to the quality plan as SS21DTIP requires evaluation and permanent reflection about the activities and outputs of the project. In this respect, the responsibilities of each of the partners were clarified and digital tools as well as assessment documents were used for the sessions of this meeting.

On the other hand, each partner institution made presentations highlighting and detailing aspects of the theme of the project, the supervision of school improvement plans, functions of inspectorates, etc. With regard to this point, each country described and analysed the functions and powers of their institution or other institutions in each country in relation to this issue. Strengths and weaknesses of the different education systems, focusing in particular on inspectorates of education of Spain, Ireland and Bulgaria and advisory teachers in Greece were also pointed out.

As the third aim of the meeting, the Time Schedule to develop intellectual outputs 1 and 2 was detailed, as well as the conceptual framework and procedures. To be more precise, the planning of the activities to develop intellectual output 2, its timing, conceptualization, and the distribution of responsibilities between the different partners were also addressed at the First Meeting SS21DTIP Project. In addition, criteria for selecting schools for the case study and the profiles of the participants were established as well.

Regarding the participants in the First Meeting of SS21DTIP Project, all partner institutions participated in the meeting. Dublin City University (Ireland) was represented by the person of contact, Dr. Martin Brown. The University of Sofia (Bulgaria) was represented by the person of contact, Dr. Rossitsa Simeonova. The PDE Stereas Elladas (Greece) was represented by Mrs. Eleni Beniata and the contact person of the institution in this project, Ms. Zacharoula Kechri. CEYE-Juntaex was represented by all members of the Inspectorate team “European programmes” and by some other inspectors coming from both provinces .

The meeting was held on different dates from the initially planned in the Project; in fact, it took place in November. Two have been the reasons why it was delayed. First, the grant agreement had not been sent by the SEPIE to the applicant institution by the end of October 2018. On the other hand, the SEPIE organized some training days in Almeria at the end of October 2018 for the participating institutions to facilitate and ensure success in the development of the project.

Finally, the meeting place was the city of Cáceres (Spain). Although CEYE-Juntaex main offices are located in Mérida (Extremadura, Spain), the Inspectorate provincial services have their headquarters in Badajoz and Cáceres; therefore it was agreed to have the first meeting in Cáceres.


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