Meeting Ireland

Third First Meeting 17th – 18th september, Dublin (Ireland)

The third transnational meeting SS21DTIP took place in Dublin, Ireland, on 17th and 18th September 2019. During this third meeting, the main objectives have focused both on monitoring the development of the project, especially the completion of intellectual products 1 and 2, the evaluation of the Joint Training Event held in Lamia (Greece) in June 2019, and on the planning of the following project activities that will take place for the rest of the second year of the project’s life (development of IO3 and IO4 and the multiplier event that will be held in Extremadura [Spain] in June 2020). Thus, on the first day of the meeting the partner CEYE-Juntaex (Spain), leader of IO3-TOOLKIT, made a proposal of content, temporalization and distribution of responsibilities for the development of the TOOLKIT, which was analyzed, discussed and finally agreed by all partners. The main conclusions of the Joint Training Event Assessment Report have also been presented. On the other hand, a timetable has been set for a final version of the Toolkit to be available at the end of May, which is planned to be disseminated in the multiplier event in Extremadura. During the second day of the meeting, content planning, temporalization and the distribution of tasks for the development of IO4, the MOOC were addressed. With regard to IO1 and IO2 products, partners of SU (Bulgaria) confirmed that the article (IO1) has been submitted to the Bulgarian Educational Journal “Pedagogy”, which has confirmed that it is valuing its publication. As for Case Studies (IO2) they have been completed, translated into all four languages and uploaded to the Erasmus+ Results Platform. Subsequently, a timetable and procedures have been agreed to address the joint development work of the MOOC, which will be based on the findings of the Case Studies and the TOOLKIT for its contents. In addition, dates for virtual meetings in Skype were agreed to adjust future activities depending on the results that are obtained after the preparation of the materials for the TOOLKIT and the MOOC. During the two days of the meeting, part of the working sessions have been devoted to collecting and requesting data from all institutions for the preparation of the Intermediate Report. As for the participants in the Third Meeting SS21DTIP Project, all the partner institutions have participated in the meeting. Both Dr. Rossitsa Simeonova and Dr. Yonka Parmanova participated from Sofia University (Bulgaria). The Department of Education of Extremadura (CEYE-Juntaex) was represented by inspectors Ms. Isabel Guerrero Castro and Dr. Laura del Castillo Blanco; and PDE Stereas Elladas (Greece) was represented by Mr. Kostas Argiopoulos and by the contact person of the institution in this project, Mr. Savvas Ovadias. Representing the institution organizing the second meeting, Dublin City University (Ireland), several members of the institution, including Dr Sarah Gardezi, Dr Gerry McNamara, Dr. Joe O’Hara and the contact person, Dr Martin Brown participated in this activity.