Spanish National Meeting of Inpectors of Education USIE 2018

Greek dissemination activity about second meeting in Bulgaria

Greek dissemination activity about third meeting in Greece

National Meeting of School Inspectors USIE 2019 in Seville

Participation in ERASMUSDAYS October 10th, 2019 in CPR Cáceres (Spain)

Participation in the XVII Training Days of the School Inspectorate of Extremadura, Zafra, 28th March 2019

Results of Training activity in Greece

Presentation “Considerations on the role of Educational Inspection in school improvement processes within the framework of an Erasmus+ project” at the Education Inspection Training Day (USIE-Comunitat Valenciana) 2020.

On February 20th 2020, the SS21DTIP project coordinator participated as a speaker at the XVI Training Conference of the Education Inspection, organized by USIE-Comunitat Valenciana, which was held in Segorbe (Castellón, Spain). School inspectors from all over the Community of Valencia and from others such as Catalonia and Aragon attended the event, and Laura del Castillo had the opportunity to disseminate some of the knowledge, conclusions and products that, until that time, had been obtained as a result of the development of the project. The theme of the presentation: “Considerations on the role of school inspectors in school improvement processes within the framework of an Erasmus+ project”, was addressed through a presentation, the content of which can be accessed through the attached link, and sought to disseminate the results of the case study on school improvement carried out in the four partner countries in the Erasmus project, as well as the main structure and content of the Toolkit for School Self-evaluation and Improvement that SS21DTIP will publish shortly on its website.



During the January-June 2020 semester, training courses for updating principals, organized by the Department of Education and Employment of the Junta de Extremadura, have been held, including modules related to school self-evaluation, distributed leadership and improvement. On February 12th and 17th, at the Teacher Training Centres of Merida and Plasencia, respectively, the school inspector Laura del Castillo Blanco gave a module of this course to more than half a hundred school principals on the key factors for effective management, strategies to develop shared leadership, European trends in educational leadership, providing examples of training and collaboration platforms and good practices. In addition, on 2th and 9th June, two sessions of the “Training for Management Teams” course organised by the Teacher Training centre In Cáceres were held, which addressed the “Internal school evaluation: Detection processes and tools. Analysis of results and inclusion of proposals in school improvement plans”. The sessions were held online through the Meet platform and brought together more than twenty directors.

Presentations can be accessed through the following links: